Who We Are

The Instigators started as a sister club to the Incriminators SC in Chapel Hill, NC, but soon met so many other cool chicas that we decided to spread our particular brand of girl-trouble fun to every rally. Since then, we’ve spread north to Rochester, west to Denver, and across the Atlantic all the way to Helsinki.

Why an all-girl scooter club? There are a few of them scattered around the country, around the world, and they’re here because the scooter scene is a man’s world and we want a place. Because we are NOT the trendy, the dilettantes, the hangers-on looking to jump on the next big thing. Because it’s fun to have the girls around when you go and get yourself into trouble, to get your back and to be there for you.
And because it worries people when we’re together.

Three rules:
1. Ride a scoot
2. Work on your scoot
3. Don’t be a bitch when you meet other girls

And Never Get Caught.
this is the future look of The Instigators.org