Deanna D.

deanna_mugNicknames: deanNa, danna with two ns
City/State: Chicago, IL
Occupation: Water Resources Planner
Birthday: 19 December 1975
Other Scooter/Misc. Affiliations: No other scooter clubs / Chicago Tri Club
Make/model/description of scooter(s): Black 2001 ET4 and 1983 Vespa ET3 in the prettiest pale, pearl yellow
Hey baby, what’s your sign? Sagittarius
Any tattoos? some birdies on my back
Favorite Holiday: any one I don’t have to work
Favorite Alcoholic Drink: Amaretto Stone Sour
Favorite Non-Alcoholic Drink: Diet Coke
Favorite Joke: Favorite Bands: Jawbreaker, Social D
What’s the last CD you bought? No clue. It has been forever since I bought a CD
What are your guilty pleasures? Eating white frosting with a spoon
Why’d you get into scooters? I can’t remember.
Any other vehicles? 1998 Honda Civic, A Specialized Dolce Elite and the newest addition, a custom Serotta
What’s in your glove box? Who knows. I can’t open the ET4 glove box due to the scooter apron and the ET3 is currently visting a friend.
What are you up to these days? Just got through with in-season triathlon training so now its off season. Focusing on flexibility and bike strenght. I just moved so I am still unpacking.
Ever been arrested? Nope, I am a law abiding citizen.
If you were stranded on a desert island, what items would you bring with you?
I don’t like questions like this.
What’s one of the craziest things you have ever done? nothing that i can think of, i’m pretty boring
The stupidest? majoring in environmental policy. i will be poor for life!!