Katherine A.

kathy_mugNicknames: Kathy, Kathy The Great, Kathader, All American Makeout Queen, Jackass
City/State: Chicago, IL
Occupation: Paper-Pushing Bureaucrat/Corporate Finance Peon
Birthday: Halloween, 1976
Single or taken:Taken. Almost all the way to the bank, but not quite. ;)
Other Scooter/Misc. Affiliations: Screw City S.C., Heck’s Angels, S.C., Team Awesome
Scooter(s):1976, Orange Vespa 90 named Punkin, and a 1976 Rally 200
Tattoos: A few: Celtic armband, Celtic knot in small of my back all of my back (you know: ‘tramp stamp’ as my boyfriend so delicately puts it) and another celtic knot on my right shoulder-blade that needs a bit of touching up.
Favorite Holiday: Duh: Halloween, aka Kathy Day
Favorite Alcoholic Drink: The bloody mary with a beer chaser. And beer. I love beer.
Favorite Non-Alcoholic Drink: Water. God, I love water!
Favorite Joke: What does a stripper do to her asshole before work? Drops him off at band practice. HAHAHA!
Favorite Bands: Cocksparrer, Devo, Madness, Manplanet, Oingo Boingo, Turbonegro
Last CD purchased: Turbonegro’s Party Animals. RULES!
Guilty pleasures: I’m gay for Erasure, love the Cock Rock as well (I have more Winger on my iRiver than any person should admit to)
Why’d I get into scooters? All the cool kids are doing it! Kidding–they’re just too awesome to put into words.
Other vehicles: 1995 Chevy S-10 pick-up, named The Blue Beast (it’s funny if you see the truck), red Vespa Grande moped
What’s in your glove box? The smallframe doesn’t have a glove box, but in my little bucket thingy, I have a ratchet set, screwdriver, t-tool, oil mix cup and oil. Currently there’s nothing in the rally’s glovebox.
What are you up to these days? Kicking ass, taking names…
Ever been arrested?…no… ..Never Been Caught!
If you were stranded on a desert island, what 4 items would you bring with you?

  1. A box of weather-proof matches
  2. My copies of Atlas Shrugged and The Brothers Karamazov
  3. Clothing
  4. If “boyfriend” doesn’t count as an item, then I’d need a satellite phone

Craziest things I have ever done:Usually the crazy things I do are under the influence of alcohol, so I really don’t remember. Another one is: ride my scooter without a helmet. But that’s more dumb than crazy.
The stupidest: I plead the fifth!

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