Shannon C.

shannon_mugNicknames: Tigger, Carmella, Red, Opie’s Wife
Occupation: Customer Relations
Birthday: April 1, 1969 (That’s right folks, red hair, maiden name Manson, born on April Fools Day. Trust me, after 33 years….I’ve heard them ALL)
Single or taken: Taken – but he hasn’t TAKEN me to a SINGLE place in a long time!
Other Scooter/Misc. Affiliations: Team Curd Canada (Vive Le Poutine Libre!!!)
Make/model/description of scooter(s): 1966 Lambretta Starstream (4sp). My “Starina” If you’ve ever seen The Birdcage with Nathan Lane, you’ll totally get her name. She’s my little ‘dressed-in-drag’ Lambretta.
Hey baby, what’s your sign? Aries, the Ram. Watch out!!
Any tattoos? Only one – for now. My name in Icelandic Runes on my lower back.
Favorite Holiday: Christmas. Both my babes were born the week before, what choice do I have?
Favorite Alcoholic Drink: Boones Strawberry-Knock-Me-On-My-Ass Zinfandel
Favorite Non-Alcoholic Drink: Coffee….and lots of it.
Favorite Joke: “…..Not so tough tonight are you Batman??”
Favorite Bands: Great Big Sea. Good ole-foot-stompin, beer drinkin, good-timin Newfie tunes. Big Rude Jake, Johnny Favourite Swing Orchestra, and just about ANY music from the 80’s.
What’s the last CD you bought? Great Big Sea – Road Rage
What are your guilty pleasures? Tim Tams and Cadbury Black Forest.
Why’d you get into scooters? Did I mention that I’m Opie’s Wife??? Was that optional????
Any other vehicles? 1990 Chev Lumina & 1999 Dodge Bingo Bus. (Say what you will about mini-vans….ours holds TWO scoots when the seats are out!!!)
What’s in your glove box? Air
What are you up to these days? I have a daughter who is rapidly approaching adolescence, a son who is rapidly approching the terrible-twos and a husband who lives by the credo “you’re never to old to have a happy childhood.” My focus these days is maintaining my sanity.
Ever been arrested? Nuh-uh, nope, not me, not ever.
If you were stranded on a desert island, what 4 items would you bring with you?
1. My Nomad Jukebox (with loaded battery pack, of course)
2. A truckload of Australian Chocolate.
3. My camera bag.
4. A truckload of books.
What’s one of the craziest things you have ever done? Said “I do” for a second time.
The stupidest? Please refer to previous question.